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Ceiling Questions: What Are Decorative Ceiling Tiles Made Of?

According to Grand Review Research, the global market value for ceiling tiles in 2020 was $5.93 billion. This number gets projected to rise due to the booming construction of commercial and residential complexes.

However, ceiling works are not reserved only for the construction industry's attention. As a homeowner, maintaining an appealing look at home is essential.

Tiles are an effective way to add a glow to your home and erase an existing wall or ceiling defect. That said, the following guide answers your ceiling questions and what types of ceiling materials you will find.

Why Use Ceiling Tiles

In construction, ceilings get left bare, and it's up to an owner to decide whether to add a layer to their fifth wall or not. Unfinished ceilings, especially concrete, bounce noise thus need additional attention.

This increases the ambient noise leaving occupants uncomfortable. But, when you buy drop ceiling tiles, you can rest assured no noise bounce-back occurs.

Types of Decorative Ceiling Tiles Materials

Upon deciding to install ceiling tiles, your search yields different results. While you may get overwhelmed on which to opt for, knowing what they get made of is crucial.

Types of ceiling tiles materials you will find include;

Tin Ceiling Tiles

This ceiling type rose into popularity in the late 1800s when immigrants sought affordable options. They graced the artDeco period before fading away in the 1930s.

They get made by pressing tin molds in a die to form various patterns. The installation is either dropping in or nailing the boards and overlapping edges. It's also essential to note that modern tin tiles use aluminum, brass, and steel.

While a DIYer can work on the installation, care is vital to ensure the patterns align. If dented, you can repair them quickly through sculpting or the use of an auto-body compound.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

These tiles get suspended from the original ceiling molds. They get attributed to changing the space's acoustics where installed thus the term.

The standard material in these tiles is fiberglass and uses the drop-in installation method. Though strapless tiles have risen, a metal strapping gets installed before dropping these tiles.

A professional gets recommended for installation to ensure acoustics and insulation maintenance. However, you can do a careful DIY if the need arises.

Asbestos Ceiling Tiles

The US Environmental protection Agency (EPA) has put measures to protect the public against asbestos risk. This is under their Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

These decorative tiles get made from bonding asbestos fibers to vinyl and hard-textured materials. They are popular due to their sturdiness, affordability, fireproofing, and insulation.

While the substance gets attributed to causing health complications, it is challenging to differentiate these tiles over typical ones. If you note your home contains these tiles and decide to change, consulting professionals is essential.

This ensures you don't put your family and pets at risk of excessive asbestos inhalation.

Plastic Ceiling Tiles

This is a lightweight alternative to typical ceiling tiles and boasts easy handling. They also come embossed in different patterns and designs.

Due to their plastic nature, you can easily do DIY without the help of a professional, which adds up costs. They are not prone to denting and can get installed using the drop-in method or nailing.

Plastic tiles also come at an affordable cost; thus, you don't have to worry about a high budget. You can also apply a finishing coat of your choice to give an appealing look.

Armstrong Ceiling Tiles

These ceiling tiles get attributed to using inert raw materials, filler, and binders. The boards boast 24% up to 5% of recyclable material like mineral wool, perlite, starch, and newsprint.

This makes these tiles an excellent option for soundproofing purposes. However, care is crucial at every handling stage due to their fragile nature.
They also have durable plank ceilings manufactured from wood byproducts.

And lastly, metallaire ceilings are made from metal.

Drop Ceiling Tiles

A popular decorative ceiling type for uneven ceilings and features a three-inch gap. Drop ceilings usually get installed with the help of wired straps.

You have the option of choosing between a square or tegular edge design.

The square design allows for a visible grid look while the latter takes it away with a complicated cut.

Besides being soundproof excellent, they also allow access to covered accessories. Thus, you have an easy time getting your lighting accessories design in shape.

Faux Leather Ceiling Tiles

These usually take a 3D tile form and bring an appealing leather look. Their top soundproofing capabilities make them ideal for noise-prone spaces.

They usually feature three layers: a top polyurethane layer for fire and waterproofing. The second layer consists of a polyurethane feeler for soundproofing. And lastly, a PVC backboard for sound and fireproofing.

They are easy to install and DIY-friendly; thus, you can handle your ceiling revamp project. However, ensure to have a flat surface since these are wall-mounted.

Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles

These are other easy-to-set-up ceiling forms you can take on and do a DIY. You only need adhesive glue for your fixing and a caulking agent.

Due to their flexibility, you can easily cover stains and mold irregularities without much effort. They can take any paintwork to match your interior decor.

Before proceeding, ensure the surface is clean and crack-free. It's also recommendable to find the center and start laying your styrofoam tiles at the point. This will allow for an organized pattern fixing and visual appearance.

Revamp Your Ceiling Today With Well Crafted Tiles

Having an attractive ceiling in your home or workplace not only adds a premium look but reduces your utility bills. This is because correctly installed ceiling tiles can help cool and maintain your home's temperature.

Do you own a home with an unattractive ceiling? You do not have to postpone the ceiling revamp project anymore.

The above are common ceiling material types available for your considerations. Contact us today and give your ceiling a premium finish.

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