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Make Any Room Look Sleek and Modern: 6 Benefits of Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Gone are the days of the unsightly ceiling tiles found in the doctor’s offices, dental clinics, and schoolrooms of your childhood. While the designers of those rooms clearly didn’t care about aesthetics, they did get one thing right.

Suspended ceiling tiles are enduringly practical. And thankfully, today, they’re also expertly manufactured from attractive, durable materials in styles that are guaranteed to satisfy contemporary design sensibilities.

Whether you’re still asking the question “What are suspended ceiling tiles?” or you’re already thinking about including ceiling tiles in your next interior project, this article is for you. Read on to learn why ceiling tiles are a contemporary design solution.

1. They’re Simple to Install

In most instances, you won’t need to hire a specialist contractor to install your suspended ceiling tiles. You can use the general contractor you’re already working with or even DIY it—if you’re handy and trying to save money.

On receiving your tiles, check for dents caused by shipping. If you spot a dent, just pop it out, and your tile will be good to go.

Then install them according to the instructions from the supplier and the pattern you already mapped out. Don’t forget to factor in the lighting!

You might even be able to simply slip the new tiles over the old ones, saving time and adding a greater level of insulation and sound protection.

And don’t forget, if you’re not using the ceiling tiles right away, store them vertically rather than horizontally in a cool, dry area. This will ensure they remain in tip-top shape until you can install them.

2. They Make the Ceiling Cavity Accessible

Conversely, one of the core benefits of suspended ceiling tiles is that they’re easily removable.

If you need to access the ceiling cavity for any reason, you can remove a few tiles and access anything you need to—be it pipes, electrical cabling, or even assessing for leaks or pest problems. Simply lift the tile, place it to one side while you’re working, then pop it back in place once the job is finished.

In contrast, drywalled ceilings need to be ripped open and resealed once, or you or a contractor have to access the ceiling cavity by climbing between the ceiling and the roof.

In many cases, ceiling tiles act as a barrier to smoke and fire. In fact, in some buildings, there are regulations stating that missing and broken tiles must be replaced. And that’s the beauty of ceiling tiles: as easy as they are to remove, they’re equally as easy to replace.

3. They Save Energy

Among the suspended ceiling tile benefits that designers and architects often overlook is their positive environmental impact. Suspended ceilings can help homeowners, and business owners save money on their utility bills.

Since a suspended ceiling reduces the ceiling height in a room, there is less space to heat and cool. And, since the ceiling cavity is full of air, there’s also an added layer of insulation. This reduces energy bills and helps contribute to making a building more energy-efficient.

No air must escape the barrier your new ceiling creates to get the maximum benefits from this effect. Ensure the ceiling tiles are appropriately fitted together and sealed. There shouldn’t be any gaps or cracks between the tiles, and you should replace broken or missing tiles immediately.

Note, too, that different tile styles may have different installation methods. Try not to mix and match tiles or install them in unusual configurations unless you’ve confirmed it with your supplier.

4. There’s a Vast Array of Styles

The benefits of a suspended ceiling are just practical or functional. Ceiling tiles come in various styles, colors, and material options.

This means you can find a tile to complement almost any interior aesthetic—from modern minimalist to European Brutalist. Depending on where you source the tiles from, you might also be able to mix different styles.

Create bespoke patterns for your clients or border an elaborate tile center with a flat tile. In many cases, you’re only limited by your imagination with ceiling tiles!

And don’t forget that you can also customize the height of the drop. If your client prefers a higher ceiling, you can give that to them. Likewise, you can relate a cozier vibe—in, say, a home theater room—by dropping the ceiling low.

5. They Help Regulate Interior Lighting

Poor lighting doesn’t just affect productivity in the workplace; it can also result in poor health: everything from eye strain to a low mood.

The flexibility that suspended ceiling tiles offer allows you to manipulate the lighting in a room—particularly if you choose the types of ceilings with 3D or geometric patterning.

For example, you could:

  • Position the tiles to reflect natural sunlight from the windows back into the room
  • Reduce the number of bulbs you need by installing tiles that maximize the light coming from artificial sources
  • Brighten up a dark room with light-colored panels

6. They Help With Soundproofing

As we mentioned above, suspended ceiling tiles create a barrier of air between them and the original ceiling.

This not only acts as insulation but can also assist with noise control. In fact, some tile manufacturers capitalize on this by creating sound-absorbing tiles—either through their material choices or the tile patterns, or both.

If you want to take advantage of the sound reduction qualities of ceiling tiles, be sure to talk with your supplier. You may need to bring a specialist contractor on board to ensure the tiles are installed correctly or leave time in your project timeline for some experimentation.

Suspended Ceiling Tiles: A Contemporary Design Choice

Suspended ceiling tiles have come a long way in the past few decades. Today, these tiles come in a vast array of contemporary styles, are made from durable, safe materials, and are affordable and easy to install. Better yet, they have environmental benefits, too—from keeping noise levels under control to helping you save money on utility bills.

So why not consider ceiling tiles for your next office, clinic, institution, or home renovation project? Shop Brutal’s range of stylish, modern, and, most importantly, unique ceiling tiles today!

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