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Would you like to know how to choose the best ceiling tiles for your home? Read on to learn how to make the right choice.

Did you know that ceiling tiles can prevent fire spread? 

Over the years, ceiling tiles have gained popularity due to their "green" design. Ceiling tiles are durable and don't need much upkeep. Also, they can reduce sound and provide heat insulation to the room they're installed in. 

There are many different styles to choose from when picking ceiling tiles for your home. It's also important to pick good quality tiles so your investment has value.

You're not limited to the outdated and dusty ceiling tiles that you saw in your elementary school classrooms! 

Once you've decided on installing ceiling tiles, you must choose which ones you want. Choosing the best ceiling tiles for your home may seem difficult, but keep reading to find out how easy it can be.

Pros and Cons

There are many different styles of ceiling tiles to choose from that we will go over next. But for the most part, they all share the same pros and cons. 

Let's start with the pros. Ceiling tiles are easy to install, low maintenance, and practical. They can also aid in fire protection, thermal insulation and soundproofing. 

Drywall tends to be more expensive to install and isn't as great with water resistance. Not to mention, it isn't as durable as ceiling tiles.

The only main downside to ceiling tiles is the investment. Each type of ceiling tile has a different price range, but metal tiles are the most expensive. If you didn't want to make the investment, you could buy PVC decorative ceiling tiles and simply paint them with a metallic finish. 

But, true metal ceiling tiles can increase the value of your home because of their investment. 

Other types of ceiling tiles, such as drop ceiling tiles, are less of an investment. But, they can still raise the bar of interior decoration within your home. 

Different Types of Ceiling Tiles

While it may be obvious that there are different styles of ceiling tiles, there are also different purposes they can provide. Knowing which types you're able to choose from can impact where you place the tiles, the design, and more.

  • Decorative Tiles - most decorative tiles provide fire resistance and soundproofing. These are installed in homes and office spaces to improve interior design.  
  • Fire Resistant Tiles - these types of tiles are used for safety reasons. If you do not care about "looks," go for something like perlite tiles. The good news is that if you want added protection and also want a sleek look, some decorative tiles can be placed on top of acoustic tiles. Decorative tiles will still give offer you protection, but you can receive more benefits by having both.
  • Antimicrobial Tiles - you will find these tiles in health care centers, hospitals, doctor's offices, and more. Antimicrobial tiles are usually coated in paint so that the tiles can be cleaned. They resist mold and mildew.

Choosing which type of ceiling tile you want is the first step in the process. Keep in mind that though your ceiling tile may serve a specific purpose, it can still be stylish!

Different Styles

Now that you've decided what purpose your ceiling tiles will serve, you must figure out what design you want. Some styles include abstract, modern, drop, and suspended ceiling tiles.

Abstract and modern ceiling tiles can provide a 3D effect and complement the minimalism of a room. 

Tin ceiling tiles are becoming more popular and can add to an already ornate room. You can choose painted, exposed, or copper tin ceiling tiles.

If you're going for simplicity, drop ceiling tiles will get the job done. The most common type is gypsum, but you may also choose from fiberglass, plaster, or metal. With any ceiling tile, but more specifically drop ceiling tiles, suspension rails can help make the process faster. 

These are mostly used for 24 x 24 ceiling tiles and can provide more stability. Suspension rails also help in giving your ceiling a more even look.

Choose the Room

The room where your ceiling tiles will go is what will ultimately determine the style you're going for. Now that you know the different types of styles available, take a look at the rooms in your house and start to imagine the possibilities. 

For offices, it is recommended to get tiles for sound pollution. This may result in drop ceiling tiles, for the most part. But, don't close off your options there. You can still find decorative ceiling tiles that will provide sound reduction.

For bedrooms and kitchens, this is where you can get fancy. These rooms usually have the most consistent theme throughout the space. Adding decorative ceiling tiles will help add to the aesthetic. 

Think about the "look" you're trying to achieve. 

Some ceiling tiles can affect the lighting of the room. Before deciding, think about the light you have and the color of the room. These two factors can make or break the look you're going for. 

Choosing the Best Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles have had a reputation in the past few decades. Now that innovations have been made within the industry, ceiling tiles are becoming more popular.

Whether you're covering electrical wires or want to add a "pop" of design, ceiling tiles are the way to go.

Knowing which room you are going to install the best ceiling tiles in, as well as the design and type tile you'll be using is the most important part of the process. With these tips, your choice should be easy!

If you're looking for sleek and modern ceiling tiles, contact us so we can help you create your dream interior. 

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