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BRUTAL 3D Ceiling Tiles - How Many Different Ways Can they be Arranged?

We at BRUTAL Ceilings have a passion for design that is inspired by mid-century modern and Brutalism.  We love the monochromatic simplicity of raw concrete Brutalist architecture that is all about the shapes and raw surface textures. The beauty of BRUTAL Ceilings Tile designs is their versatility in how the different designs can be combined and arranged facing up and down.  The play of light and shadow in repeating patters give a sense of peace to the viewer.  All of our designs have a familiarity to them as they are based on patterns you have already seen on fabrics and floor tiles.  At Brutal Ceilings, we have re-imagined these patterns as a practical and beautiful 3-dimensional drop ceiling tile option. We did not want to do a rehash of Victorian styles.  All of our tiles have a woven fabric texture molded into the surface, adding an extra level of interest should the viewer get up close.  Our designs are great for rooms that are intended to be relaxing spaces, as gazing at these patterns is very calming.  Our tiles are designed by us and exclusive to us.  You will not find a more beautiful ceiling tile collection anywhere else.  

Note that all of these pictures were staged with carefully aimed lighting coming from the sides.  No grey paint was used to help create these looks.  It is all light and shadow. 

How Many Different Ways Can Brutal Ceiling Tiles be Arranged?

Here is a pictorial list to get you thinking, starting with simple, going to more complex:

1. Blox -   You may recognize this pattern from mosaic tile.  Brutal takes a timeless optical illusion pattern and takes it to the third dimension.

     All facing down:

2. Bilbao   This was designed to give a mid-century modern feel with the 4-point star and boomerang shapes.

3. Here is an alternate interpretation for Bilbao, but upside down from a customer in California:

4. Brasilia .  This is a sister design to Bilbao, where the curvatures are taken to the other extreme, giving a more basket weave look combined with overlapping circles.


5. Europa (also glue up arrangement).  Simple overlapping circles combined with a dome. Elegant simplicity.

6. Globen (also glue up arrangement).  This is Europa with a bowl added.  The bowls work great for light placements.

7. Globen used in a hotel lobby.  All facing up.

Globen used in a hotel

8. SoBe (also glue up arrangement).  This was inspired by a floor tile seen in a South Beach hotel lobby. Face the flat side towards windows for dramatic contrast throughout the day and you will get the effect in the picture below.


9. Bilbao and Brasilia - half and half.  Both designs are based on similar geometry, so the edge angles match, resulting in perfect transitions of light and shadow.  Add an extra layer of topography with this combination.

10. Globen and Europa blend, all facing down.  Imagine lights in the bowls.

     Facing up and down:

11. Globen, - half facing up, half facing down.

12.  Europa- half facing up, half facing down.  Simply mesmerizing.

13. SoBe - half facing up, half facing down (grid arrangement).  To maximize impact, orient the flat face towards any windows and you will get the effect in the picture below.

14. Globen and Europa blend - half facing up, half facing down.  Imagine lights in the bowls.

Here is a customer kitchen remodel in progress.  The entire installation only took a few hours, which included the installation of lighting.  Wow!

 So, there you have it.  Fourteen unique installations with 6 designs!   Who knew that there was so much more that can be done to beautify a drop ceiling grid! 

The options also allow you to designate different spaces with different designs.  No reason to use the same design throughout your installation.  You have 12 options to choose from!  You are already buying our designs for their unique look, so take it to the max.  These are just the obvious ones, so you can get creative with your own designs!

We challenge you to pick a favorite. You can't go wrong!

Designed and made in the U.S.A.


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    What’s the lead time for this product? Do you carry the lights seen in the kitchen remodel for the Globen ceiling tile?

    Tony Hemphill

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