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About Brutal Ceilings

Iconic Modern Design.

Taking inspiration from the Brutalist tradition of Eastern European Modernism, Brutal tiles were created to bring the large-scale abstraction and grandeur of Brutalism to your home or business. Brutal in architecture actually refers to the French term for concrete which is "beton brut".   For more fascinating information see:  Brutalist and Modernist architecture.

Not just a ceiling tile, this is an art installation.  Every inch of our thermoformed tiles has been engineered to perfection. Our tiles are made with exterior-grade PVC that is completely moisture resistant, fire tested, and easy to clean. The tiles easily drop into any standard size drop ceiling.

Brutal Ceilings is the result of our Founder and CEO Juergen Kortenbach's quest to find creative fulfillment combining his passions for mechanical engineering, product development, and modern design. Before Brutal, Juergen had over 30 years of experience in the medical device industry developing laparoscopic, endoscopic and orthopedic products in offices with really boring drop ceilings. He is also an inventor with 148 US patents.  After so long contemplating his sterile corporate office environment and being laid off during the pandemic, Juergen pivoted and decided it was time for something completely different in the ceiling design space. This line of geometric tiles redefines the drop ceiling with decorative PVC ceiling tiles that are not only stylish, but functional. They are easy to sanitize in our more microbial conscious age, unlike traditional acoustic tiles that sag and stain from moisture.

Brutal tiles are dynamic, three-dimensional, and reversible. They can be flipped and rotated, combined and swapped in a near-infinite array of tile combinations. Our tiles are also optimal for dramatic lighting effects. Spotlights, high hats, and RGB LED strips can be used around the periphery of the ceiling to create alternately contrasting and colorful ceiling-scapes.

A ceiling layout featuring Brasília tiles by Brutal.