The Most Interesting Ceiling Tiles in the World!

The Brutal Gallery

We often get the question: How many combinations of Brutal Tiles are there? The truth is we don't know, they're endless!

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Explore some of the complimentary combinations we've discovered below. Use one of these layouts for yourself or build your own! Click here for more options!

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Brutal Tiles in Action - Our Miami Showroom

Brutal tiles are so versatile, it's hard to pick just one!

Our Brutal Bathroom

The captivating designs of Brutal tiles make a big impact in a small space.


Out In the Wild (of South Miami)

Brutal tiles look magnificent in the high-contrast environment of a high- rise building.

Floor to ceiling windows and Brutal - what a pair!

And at the Lely Med Spa:

Globen 3D Ceiling Tiles

SoBe Deco 3D Ceiling Tile Brasilia 3D Ceiling Tile
SoBe in an exam room Brasilia with accent lighting

Blox 3D Ceiling TileBlox with lighting

In the new Grand Lash House: (eyelash and beauty spa)

Featuring Bilbao and Brasilia.  Note the slick A/C vents!