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Can Brutal Tiles be Painted?

Can other colors be offered?

We have had this request from a few customers.  If you have a big job, having a custom color run can be done, but this requires a commitment to purchase a minimum run lot of colored material up front, and then a charge per part afterwards.  This can make sense for orders of 5000 tiles or more, as the painting costs can be significant.  For orders of hundreds, they can be spray painted at an auto body shop or other professional painting service.  We recommend using Sherwin Williams Plastic primer as PVC plastic is challenging to stick to.  It can be top coated with the color of your choice.  To prep tiles for painting, first clean the surface with soap and water, or water with TSP and rinse. No need to scuff or sand.  Extra care is necessary during installation to avoid scratching the paint job.  Check out the video.

Custom color or pained Brutal Ceilings tile

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