The Most Interesting Ceiling Tiles in the World!

Can Ceiling grids be used as a wall?

Can Brutal tiles be the wall?

Now if you want a grid look to go with the 3D tile, you can do what was done below.  Some serious ingenuity went into this! This is a theatrical stage backdrop that is made from the same parts that are in a ceiling grid, but is hung from the ceiling and supported by the floor.  Our Europa tile really works well in this installation without making it too visually busy.  This does require some careful construction to assure everything stays rigid, square and aligned.  This allows you to use any tile in the Brutal catalogGrid clips hold the tiles in at the corners along with some adhesive to keep them from shifting. 

While these were built in place, it is possible to make complete panels with the tiles pre-installed that can then be fastened to a wall.

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