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BRUTAL'S ASTM E84, 2024 Class A Fire Rating

What does it mean in a nutshell?  Our PVC  material burns similarly to wood or paper, and thus adds an insignificant amount of fuel to a fire.  PVC is also inherently self snuffing, and thus does not help fire progression.  Other plastic ceiling covers made from other mold able materials burn like kerosene when combusted, and thus cannot achieve a Class A fire rating.  Class A is a standard requirement for building codes for commercial buildings.  It is also the best choice for your home. 

Class A Fire Rating in Action:

To illustrate what we are saying, a customer in Miami who was in the process of opening an eyelash salon, was sadly a victim of arson.  A rock through the front window and a can of gasoline.  It was put out quickly before the whole strip mall burned down.  The tiles behaved exactly as intended.  See the photos below.  The tiles softened and fell from the grid.  They melted a bit, but did not burn, and thus added no extra fuel to the fire.

These were Bilbao and Brasilia, before:


After the fire:

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