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Europa Brutalist Acoustic Decorative Drop suspended 24x24 grid Ceiling Tiles 2x2
Europa- Brutalist Ceiling Tile
Europa- Brutalist Ceiling Tile
Europa- Brutalist Ceiling Tile
Europa- Brutalist Ceiling Tile
Europa drawing 3d ceiling tiles
Europa and Globen drop ceiling tiles
Europa Brutalist Acoustic grid tiles 2x2
Europa in suspended ceiling tile grid 2x2
Europa decorative ceiling tile Zona border tile light fixture
Europa and Globen up and down combo
Europa- Brutalist Ceiling Tile

Europa- Brutalist Ceiling Tile

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Europa is based on overlapping circles and domes. This ceiling tile has a pleasing three- dimensional pillow shape much like a ravioli or dumpling. It's a modern tile design with a streamlined traditional sensibility. The geometric lines of our Europa tiles are elegant and add a mix of old world meets new world style. You can have all of them face the same way, or like in the pictures alternate to have half of the tiles facing in opposite directions resulting in a deep 3-D look.

Our Europa design also combines nicely with Globen as these designs are based on similar geometry and European design sensibility from Denmark and Germany. Europa would add a classic touch to a modern, traditional, Hollywood regency or mid century design theme.

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Water Proof:

Materials used in the construction of this product are 100% waterproof.


Unlike mineral fiber ceiling tiles, Brutal Ceiling tiles are anti-bacterial and non- porous. Since it is an exterior grade PVC, it can be cleaned with any home cleaning product or antiviral disinfectants to ensure surfaces are safe.

Fire Sprinklers:

When installing BRUTAL tiles in ceilings with sprinkler systems, cut the hole at least 1/4" diameter larger than the sprinkler escutcheon/trim (leaving a visible 1/8" gap around the edge). This allows the tile to fall away from the ceiling during a fire and not foul the sprinkler system.

BRUTAL Tiles: made better to keep you safe.

Say goodbye to boring ceiling tiles!

Brutal Ceilings is a family run and owned business that designs and manufactures ceiling tiles in the U.S.A. We strive to provide fast service and great personalized customer support. Our tiles are made with a high quality exterior-grade PVC that is completely moisture resistant, Class A fire tested (10-2020), and easy to clean. They are recommended for interior use. Our approach with our premiere series of tiles has been to create deceptively simple shapes, that combined in large field can result in a captivating interaction of repeating patterns in light and shadow. These tiles are also optimal for staging dramatic lighting effects. Brutal tiles are especially compatible with modern, contemporary and mid-century modern spaces. Brutal tiles are dynamic, three-dimensional, and reversible. They can be flipped and rotated, combined and swapped in a near-infinite array of tile combinations.

The BRUTAL Difference



While standard tiles get soggy and decay with mold, Brutal tiles are made from sanitary exterior-grade PVC that will never rot or decay.


Where standard tiles are ugly and mundane, Brutal tiles offer an array of elegant three-dimensional designs in bright white with a hyper-modern touch. They are also molded with a fabric texture for extra artistic flair. They look great from a distance and very interesting close up.


Standard acoustic tiles really only have one way to install, whereas Brutal tiles can be rotated, flipped, and swapped to create anything from a uniform grid to a dynamic and eye-catching ceiling landscape.

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Installing BRUTAL Tiles is Easy!

Drop In

Brutal tiles are very light and flexible. They don't crack and break and shower you with dust. They are super easy to lift up into a Standard 15/16" wide ceiling grid.

Install your Brutal tiles in the same direction for a uniform look, or rotate and flip them to create a captivating ceiling landscape.

Glue Up

Not all Brutal tiles work with Glue-Up, if this is needed we recommend using our Globen, Europa and SoBe tiles which will lay flat for gluing on your ceiling or wall.

Globen, Europa and SoBe tiles can be easily glued to any flat smooth substrate.


The recessed round shape of our Globen tiles naturally lends itself to high-hats and other lighting features. Pre-cut holes through the tiles with a knife or scissors to match the light locations.

All lights should be hung from weight supporting features on the ceiling above the tiles.

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